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Survey design and processing

Our team is always dedicated to support customers in all the activities related to the geophysical survey: choice of the methodology, survey design, data processing, interpretation, reporting.

Our suggestions.

Multi-array or single antenna GPR survey? Conventional multi-electrode ERT or external transmitters? IP or resistivity-only survey? Gradiometer, EM31 or Dualem?

We make it easy.

We support you in choosing the most appropriate survey technique, thanks to our expertise in dealing with all kind of geophysical equipments.
Beyond the reasons that lead to choose a survey technique (type of target to be identified, sensitivity to a specific physical parameter, depth of investigation and resolution degree), the assessment of the methodology to be adopted is often conditioned by costs, logistics, need to keep up the daily productivity of the crew. We can help in planning all these things.

Design your survey.

The success of your survey is related to the ability to design it.
We can provide different tools for managing the survey design, in order to carefully setup sensors geometry, type of measurements, configuration parameters:

  • survey design;
  • sensitivity analysis;
  • forward modeling;
  • field crew training and resources optimization.

You can count on our software!

Our processing softwares derive from years of experience in data processing: this made it possible to provide our customers with tools to manage in total autonomy the measurements.
Often those who own our software relies on our experience for the processing step too, especially when the framework is complex, or when they need to handle large datasets through our dedicated machines that allow to process big models with good performances.

Today even complex 3D models can be easily derived.

Extract data, integrate and present at best your model.

Our work does not end with the data processing.
We provide tools to enhance the model produced from processing, to extract information using geostatistical analysis, to integrate different data sets (geophysical surveys, geotechnical, chemical analysis) for 3D visualization with integrated maps and satellite images.


Geostudi Astier S.r.l. Via E. Fagni, 31 - 57123 Livorno - Italy | Tel: +39.0586 864734

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