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A primary activitiy of Geostudi Astier is the one dedicated to rentals. We offer one of the largest short term hire pool of geophysical equipments, even with Rent-to-Buy formula. In this way our customers can easily cover the full range of near surface geophysics methods, increase their expertise and reduce costs.

How can I rent the equipment?

It's possible to pick up the equipment at our offices or have it available within 24 hours by express courier throughout Italy. Contact us to arrange the shipment.

I never used this instrument.

Not a problem.
For users who have never used the equipment we offer training courses, based on your specific requests.
For rental we also provide our operators in the field, when needed, in order to supply a direct support to deal with the survey and promptly face any unexpected event. 

What should I do if I have a problem during fieldwork?

Don't worry: our team is always available by phone, trying to solve the problem in real time, in order to allow you fastly to return at work.


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