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ERTLab Studio

ERTLab Studio Our most advanced modeling and inversion software for all your electrical resistivity and induced polarization tomography needs. Its user-friendly interface will help with 2D, 3D or 4D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) geophysical applications. All individual ERT

ERT Design – FullWaver module

The FullWaver module of ERTdesign is a survey design tool for deep electrical resistivity and induced polarization measurements, to be performed with IRIS-Instruments FullWaver devices, which allows to plan a complete survey in few simple steps. Take a tour to learn the main


SmartTomo is the NEW software for processing tomographic seismic refraction data. It is an Italian production software with assistance and direct support from Italy.   SmartTomo uses an optimized implementation of the method of Moser, T. J. ("Shortest path calculation of seismic


Software for modeling and inversion of 2D tomographic data of apparent resistivity and chargeability TomoLab interactive pseudosection The representation of the data as pseudosection is a simple and direct tool to view the measures and check their quality control. Through the movement of


SWAN (Surface waves analysis) Software for MASW/Re.Mi. seismic data analysis SWAN is a software package for seismics data processing which allows to invert the following measurements: MASW or SASW (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves – Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves)


DualEM LOG is the software that allows the acquisition of electromagnetic measurements with DUALEM instruments in a light and fast way. The software is developed for the installation and use on small handheld systems, like Archer or Allegro tools. DualEm LOG is an extremely practical and


  EM4Soil is a software dedicated to electromagnetic (EM) data inversion. It has been designed for EM data acquired by multisensors or multifrequency EM devices such as DUALEM, Geonics (EM31, EM38, EM34, ...), GEM e GSSI. EM4Soil uses a 1D laterally constrained inversion algorithm

C Tech EVS

EVS EVS Pro is C Tech’s most popular product for state-of-the art analysis, visualization and animation. EVS Pro builds upon all of the capabilities of EVS & MAS and adds advanced gridding, model building, output options, geostatistics capabilities, animation and GIS functions to


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