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C Tech's EVS and MVS


EVS Pro is C Tech’s most popular product for state-of-the art analysis, visualization and animation. EVS Pro builds upon all of the capabilities of EVS & MAS and adds advanced gridding, model building, output options, geostatistics capabilities, animation and GIS functions to accommodate litigation support, public relations and the more demanding requirements of earth science professionals. Additional features include high level animation support, terrain fly-over, advanced geologic modeling, interactive fence-diagrams, 4DIM & VRML II output, database connectivity, and much more.

EVS Pro Combines:
Site wells, borings & measured data
Site geologic observations
Site buildings (3D or outlines)
Site roads, topography, etc.
Aerial photographs
Soil contamination
Ground water contamination
Ground water flow
Lakes, rivers, & ocean data
Air and/or noise pollution levels


Mining Visualization System (MVS) is C Tech’s flagship product for state-of-the art analysis and visualization. As its name suggests, MVS was designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of underground and surface mining analysis; however, its tools are also used by civil engineers and advanced environmental modelers. MVS builds upon all of the capabilities of EVS-PRO and adds powerful new features targeted to the needs of mining engineers, mine planners, civil engineers, or geologists and environmental engineers with the most demanding requirements. Some of MVS’s unique features include: 3D Fault block generation; Ore Body and Plume Overburden Modeling; Tunnel Cutting; Mine Pit Modeling; and many additional advanced features.


Geostudi Astier S.r.l. Via E. Fagni, 31 - 57123 Livorno - Italy | Tel: +39.0586 864734

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