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EM4Soil is a software dedicated to electromagnetic (EM) data inversion. It has been designed for EM data acquired by multisensors or multifrequency EM devices such as DUALEM, Geonics (EM31, EM38, EM34, ...), GEM e GSSI.

EM4Soil uses a 1D laterally constrained inversion algorithm for the reconstruction of Quasi-2D models and 1D spatially constrained for Quasi-3D modelling.

Geostudi Astier is the EM4SOIL software representative in Europe.

EM4Soil Gallery

Technical specifications

Supported OS

Microsoft® Windows XP, 7, 8,10.



  • Data pre-processing (filtering, decimation, data quality control, sensors correction, Latitudine/Longitudine to UTM coordinate coorection, etc..).
  • Inversion by means of linear and non-linear approaches (1D inversion for EM soundings, 1D laterally constrained inversion for Quasi-2D from profiles, 1D spatially constrained inversion for Quasi-3D models from parallel profiles).
  • Data map visualization with section extraction.
  • Visualization of inverted model and possibility to generate vertical and horizontal slices.
  • Export of inverted model as .xyz format for data display and managing by external tools (geostatistics,...).



Quick start

Download the Quick Start guide with the overview for first time users: data input, plotting and filtering options, inversions and result models display.

GSSI Profiler users find useful notes and insights here.


User manuals

Download EM4Soil manual.

Download the manual for working with Quasi-3D inversions module.


Geostudi Astier S.r.l. Via A. Cecioni, 42 - 57127 Livorno - Italy | Tel: +39.0586 864734

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